Kabelticker Ausgabe 194/2017
heute ist der 27.05.2017  
Mark Dowd on Exploit Mitigation Development (threatpost)
Pacemaker Ecosystem Fails its Cybersecurity Checkup (threatpost)
Threatpost News Wrap, May 26, 2017 (threatpost)
Rash Of Phishing Attacks Use HTTPS To Con Victims (threatpost)
Desinfec't 2017 steht zur Virenjagd bereit (heise)
Jetzt patchen: Gefährliche Lücke in Samba (heise)
Linux: Kritische Sicherheitslücke in Samba gefunden (golem)
Thousands of Third-Party Library Flaws Put Pacemakers at Risk (securityweek)
Fake News: Ägypten blockiert 21 Internetmedien (golem)
Debatte nach Wanna Cry: Sicherheitslücken veröffentlichen oder zurückhacken? (golem)
Russia's Disinformation Efforts Hit 39 Countries: Researchers (securityweek)
Can We Ever be Prepared for the Next WannaCry? (securityweek)
Google Patches Nexus 6 Secure Boot Bypass (securityweek)
Keybase Extension Brings End-to-End Encrypted Chat To Twitter, Reddit, GitHub (threatpost)
Revised Active Defense Bill Allows Victims to Recover or Destroy Stolen Data (threatpost)
Linguistic Analysis Suggests WannaCry Authors Speak Chinese (securityweek)
WannaCry Ransom Note Written by Chinese, English Speaking Authors (threatpost)
Endpoint Security Firm Tanium Raises $100 Million (securityweek)
Samba Patches Wormable Bug Exploitable With One Line Of Code (threatpost)
Survey Shows Disparity in GDPR Preparedness and Concerns (securityweek)
Terra Privacy Product Uses Dynamic Whitelisting to Block Attacks (securityweek)
The Impact of WannaCry on the Ransomware Conversation (securityweek)
Cyber Interference - the Changing the Face of Elections (securityweek)
Jury Out on North Korea Link to Ransomware Attack (securityweek)
Samba Patches Code Execution Flaw Introduced in 2010 (securityweek)