Kabelticker Ausgabe 220/2018
heute ist der 22.06.2018  
New Phishing Scam Reels in Netflix Users to TLS-Certified Sites (threatpost)
NanoLock Launches Platform to Protect IoT Devices From Production Through End-of-Life (securityweek)
Mylobot Botnet Emerges with Rare Level of Complexity (threatpost)
macOS' Quick Look Cache May Leak Encrypted Data (securityweek)
Thousands of Mobile Apps Leak Data from Firebase Databases (securityweek)
Massachusetts Man Pleads Guilty to ATM Hacking (securityweek)
Kardon Loader Allows Anyone to Build a Distribution Network (securityweek)
Keep an Eye on Your Security Technology Portion Size (securityweek)
Verschlüsselung: TLS 1.0 und 1.1 sollen "sterben, sterben, sterben" (golem)
Flight Tracker Flightradar24 Hit by Data Breach (securityweek)
Google Devices Leak Precise Physical Locations: Researcher (securityweek)
Researchers Find 21,000 Exposed Container Orchestration Systems (securityweek)
Hackers Steal $30 Million From Top Seoul Bitcoin Exchange (securityweek)
New VirusTotal Service Aims to Reduce False Positives (securityweek)
China-Linked 'Thrip' Spies Target Satellite, Defense Companies (securityweek)
APT15 Pokes Its Head Out With Upgraded MirageFox RAT (threatpost)
When It Comes To IoT Security, Liability Is Muddled (threatpost)
Cylance Announces $120 Million in Funding (securityweek)
Olympic Destroyer Returns to Target Biochemical Labs (threatpost)
Winning the Cyber Arms Race with Machine Learning (securityweek)
CrowdStrike Raises $200 Million at $3 Billion Valuation (securityweek)
Phishers Use 'ZeroFont' Technique to Bypass Office 365 Protections (securityweek)
'Olympic Destroyer' Malware Spotted in New Attacks (securityweek)
DNS Rebinding: Google Home verrät, wo du wohnst (golem)
Data Stolen in OPM Breach Used in Loan Fraud Scheme (securityweek)